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UniversalNet IRC Network Timeline

June 2018

ZNC server and services are online

ZioN worked hard and brought a free ZNC services to the UniversalNet users. Free vhosts, free connections and of course: the accounts are created from the irc channel: #ZNC
March 2018

DevCenter becomes UniversalNet

Using Unrealircd wasn't succesful enough and we switched to ircu/GNuworld, bringing the more popular X channel services to our users. We renamed DevCenter to UniversalNet and this time Raducu joined the network as one of the founders.
September 2017

Unrealircd forked into DevCenterIrcd

After a long period of time and work, we developed DevCenterIrcd, a fork of the Unrealircd. We also modified the Anope IRC services to suit our needs!
March 2016

Our first irc network project

Back in 2016 Maguirre, wizard and Zion started a small IRC network, based on Unrealircd/Anope.