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ACCESS/msg X access <#channel> <*|pattern|username|=nickname> [-min <level>] [-max <level>] [-modif] [-none|-voice|-op] Can look up the access for a certain person or a string. The information indicates level, suspension status and level if suspended, and when the user was last seen. If there are more than 15 entries, go to and login to see the entire list by clicking on the “Channel Information” link and submitting the channel name. You can also use and mix these options instead of a username or string to get specific results.
ADDCOMMENT/msg X addcomment <username> <the comment> sets a usercomment for a given username. This command is for Cservice Admins only
ADDUSER/msg X adduser <#channel> <username> <access> Adds a user to the channel’s userlist. You cannot ADDUSER someone with equal or higher access than your own.
BAN/msg X ban <#channel> <nick|*!*user@*.host> [duration] [level] [reason] Adds a specific *!*user@*.host to the X banlist of your channel. You may place a ban on a nick if the person is online or ban their *!*user@*.host if the person is not online. Bans that cover a broader range than previously set bans will replace previous bans. Any user in the channel that matches the added ban will be kicked out if the ban level is 75+. The duration can be specified in the following format: 400s, 300m, 200h, 100d (secs,mins,hours,days) The ban level can range from 1 to your own level. The ban reason can be a maximum of 128 characters long. If no duration or level is specified, the default duration will be 3 hours, and the level will be 75. Ban Levels: 1-74 = Prevents the user from having ops (+o) on the channel. Ban Levels: 75-500 = Prevents the user from being in the channel at all.
BANLIST/msg X banlist <#channel> Shows the channel banlist. This command works whether you are on the channel or not.
CHANINFO/msg X chaninfo <#channel> Displays whether or not a channel is registered, to whom, and the currently set DESCRIPTION and URL, if any.
CLEARMODE/msg X clearmode <#channel> Clears all channel modes. Can be used when your channel has been locked up (set +i or +k without your knowledge). NOTE: This is not necessarily the best method to gain entry to your channel, because other people or bots may be opped in the channel that may reset the modes as you clear them. Refer to the STATUS command (level 200) for related information
DEOP/msg X deop <#channel> [nick] [nick2] … [nickN] Deops one or more persons in your channel. If no nick is specified, and you are opped on the channel, X will deop you. NOTE: be mindful of triggering the limit that may be in effect with MASSDEOPPRO (see SET MASSDEOPPRO – level 500).
DEVOICE/msg X devoice <#channel> [nick] [nick2] … [nickN] Devoices one or more users in your channel.
FORCE/msg X force <#channel> Logs you in to a given channel using an administrative access. This is a CService Admin command only.
HELLO/msg X HELLO <username> <email> <email> <1-3> <verification answer> Valid verification answer numbers are: 1 to 3. 1: What’s your mother’s maiden name ? 2: What’s your dog’s(or cat’s) name ? 3: What’s your father’s birth date ?
HELP/msg X help <command> Displays help information on a given command.
INFO/msg X info <username> Displays information about a username such as their nick and user@host if they are currently online, their language and invisible settings, last seen information, and whether they may have been suspended by a CService Administrator. If used on yourself, it also lists all channels which you have access on (only CService and you can see this information, not other users). If you wish to make this information hidden to the public, refer to the SET INVISIBLE command (level 0).
INVITE/msg X invite <#channel> Makes X invite you to your channel.
ISREG/msg X isreg <#channel> Check if a given channel is registered.
JOIN/msg X join <#channel> Makes X join a channel. If you want X to be in the channel permanetly please refer to the SET AUTOJOIN command (Level 500).
KICK/msg X kick <#channel> <nick|pattern> [reason] Makes X kick someone from your channel. If your access level is 200 or higher you can also kick by pattern.
LBANLIST/msg X lbanlist <#channel> <* | *!*user@*.host> Searches X’s banlist for a certain string. Use * to see the whole list, or specify a *!*user@*.host to find a specific ban. If there are more than 15 entries, go to and login to see the entire list by clicking on the “Channel Information” link and submitting the channel name.
LOGIN/msg login <username> <password> This loads your access listing into memory and authenticates you on ALL channels which you have access on simultaneously.
MODINFO/msg X modinfo <#channel> <access|automode> <username> <value> The following commands can be used to make changes to existing users in your channel’s userlist. You cannot modify someone with an equal or higher level. With the variable access you can change a users accesslevel. The range is 1 to your own level – 1. The automode variable allows you to set mode none, voice or op. Based on this setting a user can be voiced, oped when he enters the channel.
MOTD/msg X motd Displays X message of the day.
NEWPASSFrom now on all passwords will be done via the webpage. Please visit and click on “web interface” Then login with your OLD password. When the page is loaded click on the “newpass” link on the left hand column and follow the instructions.
OP/msg X op <#channel> [nick] [nick2] … [nickN] Ops one or more persons in your channel. If no nick is specified, and you are not opped on the channel, X will op you.
OPERJOIN/msg X operjoin <#channel> This makes X join a given channel. This is an IRC Operator command only and should only be used to fix desynches.
OPERPART/msg X operpart <#channel> This makes X part a given channel. This is an IRC Operator command only and should only be used to fix desynches.
PANICThis command should never be used. Using it would be bad. How bad? Try to imagine all life stopping instantaniously, and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.
PART/msg X part <#channel> Makes X part your channel. If you want to part X for a long time refer to the SET AUTOJOIN command (Level 500)
PURGE/msg X purge <#channel> [-noop] <reason> Purges a channel. This command is for CService Admins only. -noop flag causes no reops during purge
QUOTEDon’t touch :p
REGISTER/msg X register <#channel> <username> This command is for CService Admins only.
REHASH/msg X rehash <table> This command is for CService Coders only.
REMIGNORE/msg X remignore <*!*host@mask> removes a user@host from the ignore list. This is a CService Admin command only.
REMOVEALL/msg X removeall <#channel> Removes all accesses from a channel. This command is for CService Admins only.
REMUSER/msg X remuser <#channel> <username> Removes a user from the channel database. You must have higher access than the user you want to remove. You can also remove yourself from any channel, as long as you are not the channel manager (500 access level in that channel). Managers wishing to remove themselves will need to purge their channel.
SAY/msg X say <#channel> <text> This command is for CService Admins only.
SEARCH/msg X search <search parameter> Makes X list channels where the given search parameters match set keywords on the channel, if any. The use of wildcards are not required.
SERVNOTICE/msg X servnotice <#channel> <text> This command is for CService Admins only.
SET/msg X set <#channel> <variable> <value> /msg X set <variable> <value> This will set a channel or user account setting. Useraccount settings: INVISIBLE MAXLOGINS LANG Channel settings: AUTOJOIN AUTOTOPIC DESCRIPTION KEYWORDS MASSDEOP MODE NOOP STRICTOP URL USERFLAGS For more help type /msg X help SET <variable>
SET AUTOJOIN/msg X set <#channel> autojoin ON|OFF When the setting is ON, X will join the channel and autorejoin after a netsplit. When the flag is OFF, X will part if it’s on the channel, and it won’t rejoin after a netsplit
SET AUTOTOPIC/msg X set <#channel> AUTOTOPIC ON|OFF This flag makes X reset the topic to the channel DESCRIPTION and URL every 30 minutes. Note that if the channel is idle, the topic will not be reset during that time.
SET DESCRIPTION/msg X set <#channel> DESCRIPTION <description here> Sets the channel description. This value can be seen in the CHANINFO reply.
SET INVISIBLE/msg X set INVISIBLE ON|OFF Toggle invisible on or off for your username. When this setting is on, another user cannot see wether you are online or not.
SET KEYWORDS/msg X set <#channel> <keywords here> Sets keywords for your channel. You can use SEARCH to find channels with a certain keyword set.
SET MASSDEOP/msg X set <#channel> MASSDEOP <value 0-7> The maximum number of deops X will allow in a 15 sec period. A person exceeding this number will be deop’d and, if on the User List, suspended for 5 minutes. They will also have a level 25 Ban put on them and need to unban themselves after the suspend ends.
SET MAXLOGINS/msg X set MAXLOGINS <value> (value must be between 1 and 3. Default value is 1). This command defines the maximum number of times you may log into your account simultaneously. As you login to an account for a 2nd and 3rd time, a warning is sent to the existing authenticated user(s) giving details of who has just logged into the account. This is an additional security measure, and can give you an early warning sign that someone has your password and is (ab)using your account.
SET MODE/msg X set <#channel> MODE This will save the current channel modes as default.
SET NOADDUSER/msg X set NOADDUSER ON|OFF Toggle noadduser on or off for your username. When this setting is on, another user cannot add you to any channels.
SET NOOP/msg X set <#channel> NOOP ON|OFF When this flag is ON, noone except X can be an operator.
SET STRICTOP/msg X set <#channel> STRICTOP ON|OFF When this setting is ON X allows only Level 100+ users who are authenticated to be opped.
SET URL/msg X set <#channel> URL <http://url> You can state your channel’s homepage address(es) with this option (maximum of 75 characters). The value can be seen in the CHANINFO response.
SET USERFLAGS/msg X set <#channel> USERFLAGS [0-2] Determines whether or not OP or VOICE will automatically be set for AUTOMODE when a new user is added to the userlist. Default value is 0 (None). values: 0: none 1: Op 2: Voice
SHOWCOMMANDS/msg X showcommands <#channel> Shows the commands available to you for a given channel.
SHOWIGNORE/msg X showignore Shows X’s ignore list. Ignores happen when someone intentionally or accidentally floods X. The time length is 60 minutes. Note: X will not reply to you if you are being ignored. If you don’t receive replies from X, ask a friend to check the ignorelist for you.
STATS/msg X stats This command is for CService Admins only.
STATUS/msg X status <#channel> This does the same thing as level 200 STATUS, except it will not report channel modes (+nt etc.) to anyone with access below 200.
SUPPORT/msg X support <#channel> <yes/no> An alternate method allowing you to confirm or deny support for a channel application which you are listed as a supporter on. Upon authenticating, X will notify you of any channel applications that you are listed as a supporter on and will also notify you of this SUPPORT command. Alternatively, you can choose to view the application on the web to see more information about it, post an objection, and confirm or deny your support from there. The command will not be effective if you are not listed on a channel as a supporter, or a channel does not have a pending application on the web.
SUSPEND/msg X suspend <#channel> <username> <duration<M|H|D>> [level] Suspends a user’s access to X on your channel’s userlist for the specified period of time, at the specified level if given. If a level is not specified, the default suspension level used will be the access level of the issuer. You can only SUSPEND someone with access lower than your own. The maximum duration is 372 days (8928 hours, 535680 minutes).
SUSPENDMEType /msg SUSPENDME <password> This command is to be used in the situation where you believe your account has been compromised, and wish to immediately suspend all your access. There must be more than one person logged into your account to issue this command. After issuing this command, you cannot perform any actions with your access until your account is dealt with by a CService representative. To have the suspension removed send an email to
TOPIC/msg X topic <#channel> <topic> Makes X change the topic in your channel (maximum of 145 characters) and includes your username, enclosed in parentheses, at the beginning of the topic. NOTE: If a DESCRIPTION or URL has been set and AUTOTOPIC is ON, the channel topic will be overwritten in 30 minutes, unless the channel is idle.
UNBAN/msg X unban <#channel> <nick | *!*user@*.host> Removes a *!*user@*.host from the X banlist of your channel and any matching bans from the channel banlist also. You can only remove bans from X’s banlist that are equal to or lower than your own access. To search X’s banlist, refer to the LBANLIST command (level 0).
UNFORCE/msg X unforce <#channel> This command is for CService Admins only.
UNSUSPEND/msg X unsuspend <#channel> <username> Unsuspends a user’s access to X on your channel’s userlist. You can only UNSUSPEND someone with access lower than your own, provided that the suspension level is also less than or equal to your own access level.
VERIFY/msg X verify <nick> Displays whether or not a person is logged in, and if so displays their username And also indicates whether or not they are an Official CService Administrator or Representative, and/or an IRC Operator.
VOICE/msg X voice <#channel> [nick] [nick2] … [nickN] Voices one or more users in your channel.